5 Quick Facts About Training Reinforcement

What exactly does training reinforcement entail? Here are five quick facts about training reinforcement. 

1. Reinforcement Builds on Training Materials

Training reinforcement should be an extension of your learning and development sessions. For it to be most effective, reinforcement should happen immediately after training ends. This ensures that knowledge continues to be reinforced and your participants don't forget critical information.

2. Reinforcement Objectives Drive Behavior Change 

For a reinforcement program to be effective, it should take into consideration your organization's learning objectives and expected behavior outcomes. When your program is rooted in these goals, you can monitor and change behaviors accordingly.

3. Reinforcement Should Utilize Advanced Technology

Microlearning platforms, cloud-based learning as a service (LaaS) technology, and device push notifications allow your reinforcement materials to extend past the classroom or desktop and into the palm of your learner's hand.

4. Reinforcement Generates Actionable Intelligence 

Reinforcement generates Actionable Intelligence that can drive decisions and actions towards continuous improvement. Reinforcement programs provide insight into training effectiveness. By understanding how well learners are retaining and applying new knowledge, you can alter the training course to promote better results.

5. Reinforcement Proves Training Effectiveness and ROI

A well-structured training reinforcement program will  provide your organization with the ability to prove training ROI. By using the data gathered during your training reinforcement program, your organization can continue to improve your training materials and reinforcement program. These decisions will increase the effectiveness of your training program and drive results. 

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This post was originally published on February 28, 2017.

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