5 Reasons to Move Your Training Online

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted classroom training events—and it doesn't look like we'll be going back any time soon. This disruption forced organizations to pivot from traditional training to online learning. The effect of technology on learning has been much debated since the early 1960s. However, with well-defined outcomes, appropriate learning technology, and a willingness to embrace change, learners can get an equal knowledge transfer while experiencing greater behavior change through eLearning.

Below are five reasons for you to consider moving your training online:

1. Reach Additional Members of Your Target Group

Traditional training methods require classroom set up with a limited number of seats at a particular time. By moving online, you can reach more employees who wouldn't be able to travel or fit in one physical space. Mindmarker has the ability to serve unlimited users simultaneously.

2. Save Time & Money By Making Training Available At Multiple Locations Concurrently

Especially for multi-geographical companies, moving your training online lets your employees attend their training in the flow of work, wherever they are, at their own pace. Less time in traditional instructor-led training sessions in a classroom means more time on the job and more productivity. Mindmarker's microlearning technology platform provides training in 43 different languages.

3. Utilize the Drill-and-Practice Method

This method focuses on the sequence of the training content to encourage learning through rote memorization. Moving to online learning increases participation by introducing flexible forms of content consumption. Employees can receive material through bite-sized microlearning messages and then be tested through multiple-choice or open-ended questions to check their progress.

4. Adaptive & Individualized Learning

Traditional training methods follow a structure designed for groups. By moving online, you allow your employees to either skip or take some parts of the training multiple times when needed. Mindmarker provides practice opportunities with assignments and self-reflection. The program can adapt to each learner based on their responses in the program, thereby catering to many different learning styles.

5. Immediate Feedback

Moving online helps you generate immediate and individualized feedback based on performance. Mindmarker allows trainers to add extensive explanations and feedback throughout the training. Unlike a classroom, Mindmarker’s online microlearning tool can perform these tasks with no limitations at your employees’ individual paces.

This post was originally published on March 26, 2020.

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