Learning and Reinforcement: Why You Need Both

In today’s learning landscape, there are many forms of learning. eLearning and mobile learning are often used interchangeably, but they're fundamentally different ways of learning.

Measuring Learning

Learning is the acquisition of knowledge through experience and study. Because of this, it's challenging to concretely measure whether a participant is truly learning. The inability to truly measure learning carries forward to eLearning and mobile learning as well.

How Reinforcement Is Different Than Training

Many businesses wrongly believe that reinforcement is simply frequently reminding learners of their training content. Reinforcement is different from relearning in the fact that it has objectives that both support the previous teachings and help you create Actionable Intelligence.

By using quick, meaningful, and engaging content targeted at your learning objectives, reinforcement increases knowledge retention and proves whether the learning that took place was successful. The best reinforcement program establishes behavior change by combining the right amount of measurement activities, self reflection, and fun over time.

Learning alone can’t do that. Not all learning is the same, but all learning should be reinforced.

Learn more about the history, methodology, and the 7 principles behind Mindmarker training reinforcement in our eBookt: From the Olympics to the 7 Principles of Reinforcement.

This post was originally published on September 2, 2017.

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