3 Microlearning Applications Supporting Successful Virtual Training

Microlearning applications support professional on-the-job training, leading to better learning outcomes and enhanced business profitability.

Workplaces have changed, and so have traditional methods of on-the-job learning and training. Employees have less time to focus on training now, more than ever before.

In fact, studies have found that only 1% of the average work week is available to focus on employee training and development programs. Additionally, 30% of full-time employees do most of their work outside the office.

To maximize learning opportunities in today’s work environment, companies are turning to short training sessions targeted to specific needs. Microlearning applications provide an innovative and effective approach to work-based training.

Instead of conventional long-form training programs, a microlearning platform breaks coursework into manageable bite-size activities to complete throughout the day, allowing employees to learn on the go. This spaced learning model boosts learning outcomes—with minimal disruption to employees’ schedules.

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1. Sales and Customer Service Training

Customer service and sales are fast-paced, high-pressure fields. Staff must be sharp, attentive, and quick to respond with current facts, figures, and product information. Microlearning applications can help keep team members on their toes.

Microlearning platforms are easy to access—readily available via laptop or smartphone—providing timely assistance and information when and where it’s needed. This makes it perfect for delivering training content to sales teams, who are constantly on the go.

Businesses need frequent and ongoing sales training to ensure staff stays up to date on the latest products, services, and industry developments. Microlearning applications deliver that vital information and help employees master necessary skills, such as negotiation and selling tactics. In addition to upskilling, microlearning assists employees in improving their leadership abilities, no matter where they are career-wise.

By providing consistent, focused, and practical training—in small but regular doses—microlearning amplifies employees’ net sales performance. Training reinforcement is a critical part of this, enhancing knowledge retention and aligning employee behavior to organizational objectives.

2. Employee Onboarding

Whenever you hire new team members, a robust onboarding program should be your first step. Onboarding teaches new employees about their responsibilities, helps them adjust to the work environment, and sets them on track to meet company goals. It’s a critical step and can make the difference between an employee’s success or failure in the workplace. As such, a well-planned onboarding strategy can boost employee retention levels down the line.

Unfortunately, traditional onboarding training has a reputation for being somewhat impersonal, tedious, and drawn out. Often, the amount of information an employee needs to take in—usually all in one sitting—can be overwhelming. It doesn’t help that many onboarding processes were initially set up for a traditional office scenario, rather than the remote or hybrid spaces so common now.

Microlearning applications can turn an otherwise uninspiring experience into one that is productive and engaging. It’s an efficient use of company resources, boosting proficiency and integrating employees into the organization’s culture quicker. A microlearning platform can also improve new employees’ self-reliance, independence, and sense of empowerment.

Learning Reinforcement and Retention

A new job requires employees to process vast amounts of often unfamiliar information. Microlearning can make this easier by condensing critical data into bite-sized modules, minimizing the possibility of information overload. Employees receive the information at a rate they can best process it. These methods improve retention and, in turn, lead to a deeper and more thorough knowledge of the job.

Onboarding reinforcement plays a vital role, allowing employers to monitor employees’ progress and assess the effectiveness of training over time.

A microlearning platform allows personalized training through AI and delivers information through multiple formats—video, audio, infographics, quizzes, and more. This makes onboarding more active and improves participants’ understanding of the training material.

Customized courses targeting an employee’s specific needs can also help them feel more valued by the organization.

3. Compliance Training

Government bodies often insist that employers hold mandatory training courses to familiarize employees with regulatory policies and procedures. Compliance training is a key requirement, yet it’s also not the most popular.

Adopting a microlearning approach can be a game-changer, delivering targeted tasks that are interactive, engaging, and easily accessible.

Microlearning offers training flexibility across a variety of devices and formats, along with attention-grabbing content and an immersive learning experience. Since it’s so dynamic, it’s much more successful at catching—and holding—a learner’s interest than conventional methods, leading to higher completion rates and long-term knowledge retention.

These benefits are amplified by the short-form, concentrated courses that are continuously reinforced according to the learner’s grasp. Spaced repetition delivers subject matter via a variety of media over an extended timeframe to improve retention, further locking in learning objectives.

Boost Training Success with Microlearning

The evolving needs of hybrid and remote employees have changed where and how development takes place. Thanks to advances in technology and communications, businesses can now use more innovative solutions to deliver comprehensive training programs.

Microlearning applications help employees learn more effectively and achieve better outcomes. Both focused and flexible, these training programs deliver content through a variety of convenient channels.

Mindmarker is a microlearning platform that delivers dynamic workplace training, optimized for employee engagement and knowledge retention. The tailored programs use proven spaced learning techniques and reinforcement methodology, designed to either complement or replace in-person and virtual training.

Find out how microlearning delivers training that sticks, no matter where your employees are based. Contact Mindmarker today!

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