Mindmarker’s New Look

Mindmarker has grown since we began our journey as a training reinforcement company. Now, many customers use Mindmarker to deliver entire training programs that provide more engaging microlearning and generate measurable results. From corporate L&D to sales training, customer service training, health and safety, and industry-specific training—Mindmarker makes it simple to deliver and reinforce learning in the flow of work for distributed employees.

The landscape of corporate training and learning and development is shifting to a distributed workforce model, with both remote and in-person employees. While the pandemic accelerated this change, it’s likely here to stay, which brings a host of challenges for training professionals:

  • Distributed employees have less time for learning
  • Employees and instructors are battling learner distractions and Zoom fatigue
  • Work/life demands are making traditional learning models (e.g. long in-person or virtual instructor-led sessions) less effective for distributed workers
  • Learning teams can’t easily measure how well training is working and how to improve it

Mindmarker introduces a new workplace training approach combined with an innovative learning technology to address these new corporate learning challenges. Mindmarker combines SaaS technology and learning design services to deliver your learning content to employees as a series of short, 30-90 second microlearning activities called ‘mindmarkers.’ Companies use mindmarkers to supplement or replace virtual and in-person learning methods because they make corporate learning more effective and less time consuming, and generate measurable results. Employees that receive corporate learning through mindmarkers are more productive, more engaged, and have higher satisfaction with your learning content. 

New Mission, New Website 

Innovating our product to address employee challenges wasn’t enough—we also completely redesigned our website. You’ll find that we applied many of the same principles from our learning engagements to our new website design: 

  • We’re Faster: We know employees are more likely to retain training if it’s less time consuming, so why wouldn’t we translate that to our website? Our new site offers a faster user experience for quicker, easier access to the content you want on any device.
  • It’s Easier: Similar to constructing effective learning content and programs, we built the site’s content layout and navigation to make it easier to understand Mindmarker and our microlearning best practices. The new site helps users spend less time getting to the information they want, and our content is now easier to consume and apply to your learning initiatives on the job.  
  • Resources Abound: Learning isn’t effective without easy access to the proper resources. With the same thought, we made it easier to access our great content by grouping materials by content type in the navigation. We also made it easy to subscribe to our blog and new content releases! 
  • Simplified Login: When we’re talking corporate training and learning reinforcement, the simpler the better. So we centralized our login instructions to make it easier for customers, both administrators and learners, to access the Mindmarker admin portal and learner app. 

The Future of Mindmarker

We’ve done all this to better serve learning and development professionals that work with distributed workers and frontline employees. These workers have the biggest impact on your business, and need to be ready to apply training when working with customers. In this spirit, we’ll be consistently adding content from industry leaders with their perspectives on best practices in microlearning, gamification in training, spaced learning, and more. We invite you to explore the new Mindmarker and keep an eye out for new releases in the coming months!

This post was originally published on June 25, 2021.

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