Microlearning. Macro Impact.

Power a culture of learning with Mindmarker. Create an individualized experience for your learners—get greater results and insight for you.

Mindmarkers make learning stick

Our adaptive learning technology engages employees with microlearning activities called mindmarkers that deliver and reinforce learning in the flow of work.


growth in sales


reduction in
on-boarding time


increased customer
service scores


higher employee net promoter scores
Infographic example of a Mindmarker sales training program using microlearning.
Screenshot of Mindmarker microlearning product listing types of content available for use within the learning reinforcement platform
Screenshot example of Mindmarker program  with list of available interactive features to include in training reinforcement program
Screenshot of Mindmarker program leaderboard showing ability of learning technology platform to show program progress and build confidence and competition

Free employees to learn
in the flow of work


Greater productivity

Complement or replace in-person and virtual sessions
with a series of short mindmarkers focused on teaching and reinforcing a single topic. Reduce the time and cost spent on employee training.
Woman holding phone with infographics depicting program that increases learner productivity and learning retention.

Higher satisfaction

Deliver training content as spaced learning that is more interactive and individualized for every learner. Watch as employees participate and re-enroll at record rates.
Man on phone with infographic depicting increased employee engagement and satisfaction with learning programs.

Results that stick

Adaptive learning helps employees retain and apply learning on the job. See accelerated and sustained behavior change with every mindmarker completed.
Man on phone with infographic depicting adaptive learning and gamification that leads to sustained employee behavior change.

Proven impact

Show the effect of training on business results. Evaluate learning based on participation, retention, and application of learning at the individual and program level.
Woman on computer with infographics of Mindmarker program analytics proving greater learning retention and employee application of behavior change.

How we do it

Man on phone with inset infographic showing choice of approach to depict multiple ways Mindmarker technology can be used to implement adaptive learning for corporate learning teams.


Mindmarker's Learning & Communication Platform with adaptive learning capabilities allows corporate learning teams to create, schedule, and deliver mindmarkers that engage learners in the flow of work.
Woman on computer with program schedule inset infographic depicting Mindmarker's microlearning, spaced learning methodology.


Our unique methodology for delivering spaced learning and reinforcement is folded into our technology and service engagements in order to make your content more engaging and effective.
Image of teammates holding trophy and infographic depicting 100% employee engagement.

Customer Success

A dedicated Customer Success team helps you meet your training objectives by monitoring learner progress, measuring outcomes, and making recommendations based on data-driven insights.

Sales Training

"Mindmarker gave us the ability to increase learning retention and measure success based on whether employees are applying their training correctly."
Matt McShea
Director of National Inside Sales Strategy at Comcast
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