Why Investing in Training Reinforcement Leads to Largest ROI

Training reinforcement increases knowledge retention and results in significant behavior change. Here are 6 reasons why companies should invest in training reinforcement:

Increase Knowledge Retention

Your training was great and surveys prove it: relevant content, excited participants, and great material. But once the training is over, the forgetting curve begins

Participants forget up to two-thirds of training material within two weeks of training. A digital training reinforcement program eliminates the forgetting curve by sending quick and meaningful reinforcement messages. These messages are carefully crafted and sent at precise times to increase knowledge retention

Gives the Greatest  ROI

Training employees is critical. Whether developed in house or via outside vendors, you want to maximize every dollar spent. To ensure you’re maximizing your return on investment, the training program must include reinforcement. Training reinforcement maximizes your ROI by increasing knowledge retention and desired behavior change.

Drives Lasting Behavior Change

One of the largest misconceptions in employee development is, “they went to the training, so they were trained.” However, simply attending a training course doesn't mean learners are applying the knowledge on the job. Your training reinforcement program should focus on driving knowledge retention and lasting behavior change from training.

Provides Actionable Intelligence

Your training reinforcement program should provide valuable data over the life of the program that you can use to assess learner progress and knowledge retention. Insights from program analytics allow you to make data-driven decisions to improve your organization's training strategy, goals, and programs.

It's Effective

Incorporating post-training reinforcement shows employees that training is effective. Training is viewed positively when employees take the information learned during the program and apply material back on the job. 

When learners experience real results, they have a more positive outlook on future development programs. Read our success stories to learn what Mindmarker participants have to say about their experiences with Mindmarker reinforcement.

It's Not a One-Time Event

Training fails when there is no training reinforcement. The science of learning has shown that no matter the quality of the program, knowledge and skills must be reinforced over time to have a long-lasting ROI. 

Read more about the science behind learning in our eBook, The Science Behind Mindmarker

This post was originally published on April 8, 2020.

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