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Mindmarker delivers microlearning in the flow of work so employees spend
less time on Zoom and more time applying new, relevant skills on the job.
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Workers across many industries representing employees who could benefit from Mindmarker microlearning programs.

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"Our participants find the Mindmarker app to be very user-friendly and the interface makes it easy for us to run reinforcement programs. Our clients love that the learning experience can extend way beyond the classroom for learners. They stay engaged, reflective, and measurable change in behavior is realized.”
Professional Training & Coaching, 1-50 employees
"Mindmarker allows us to reinforce training, leverage microlearning, push new information, and gather on-the-job feedback, which are all useful approaches we tried to great success. We depend on the detailed analytics and reports to show participants’ engagement, progress status, interactions, and more.”
Ahmed M.
Learning Experience Design Team Leader, Management Consulting, 11-50 employees
"The Mindmarker mobile and web applications are easy to use and provide training and information in small doses, making it easy to retain and apply. Mindmarker has helped me become a better coach at work."
Ben D.
Loss Control Manager, Insurance Company, 10,001+ employees
"We’ve had an outstanding overall experience with Mindmarker. The tool is easy to implement, easy to use for the end-user, and provides excellent business analytics to facilitate decision-making and program adaptations."
Marianne H.
Senior Director, Professional Learning Services, Non-Profit Organization, 51-200 employees
"Mindmarker allows bite-sized customized messages to be sent to the learner. Overall, the software has great functionality, and the tool is effective and customizable. It’s very effective in training reinforcement."
Komal T.
Managing Director, Professional Training & Coaching, 1-10 employees
“Mindmarker makes it easy for learners to consume content. I love the variety of activities you can build and the ability to include adaptive learning. Learners could complete training on their phone or laptop, making it simple in the flow of work. Plus, reporting and analytics give insight into the impact of learning.”
Norman M.
Senior Learning & Development Consultant, Marketing and Advertising, 1001-5000 employees
Want more proof?
Comcast Business logo
"Mindmarker gave us the ability to increase learning retention and measure success based on whether employees are applying their training correctly."
Matt McShea
Director of National Inside Sales Strategy at Comcast
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Discover Financial Services logo
“We saw 12% higher behavior change and 60+ point higher eNPS scores from employees who received and completed mindmarkers as part of our corporate training program.” 
Preston Kendall
Program Manager, Leadership Development, Discover® Financial Services
Amway logo
"Mindmarker allows me to reinforce my knowledge and skill on the go in a mobile format."
“Mindmarkers are a quick and easy way to refresh my knowledge on key training topics.”
Feedback from Amway participants in a Mindmarker training reinforcement program
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And the list keeps going...


increase in customer services scores
A large hospitality chain enrolled 3,000 customer service agents into corrective training after receiving poor performance scores, but the training didn’t stick. They followed up with a 12-week microlearning and reinforcement Mindmarker program, and within months their customer satisfaction scores skyrocketed.
Travel & Hospitality


reduction in time required to on-board new employees
A large insurer decided to push new hires out of the classroom early, and deliver a portion of their on-boarding content through a series of Mindmarker activities instead. As a result, they reduced in-person learning costs, accelerated ramp-up time, and helped new employees apply key concepts in the flow of work. 


points higher employee NPS
A large credit card company supplemented a
25-minute e-learning session with a six-week learning reinforcement program powered by Mindmarker. Employees that completed the mindmarkers demonstrated 12% higher behavior change and higher employee net promoter scores (NPS).
Financial Services


higher application of new selling behaviors
After subpar results from previous sales training programs, this pharmaceutical company delivered a 10-week Mindmarker microlearning and reinforcement program to 1,000 sales reps and saw an immediate impact on group sales. 

Ready to see
Mindmarker in action?

Learn how Mindmarker can make corporate microlearning more
engaging, more relevant, and less disruptive for employees.
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Ready to see
Mindmarker in action?

Learn how Mindmarker can make corporate microlearning more
engaging, more relevant, and less disruptive for employees.
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