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We're changing the way employees learn with
technology that makes training more effective,
measurable, and enhances the learning experience.
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No egos

We hold each other to the highest standards.

Be helpful and supportive

Always look for ways to reduce effort for your team and customers.  Take the extra step to create a memorable experience.

Have fun

Be passionate, take care of yourself, and do what’s important to you.  Make time for yourself and bring your best self to work.

Empower those around you

Provide the tools and knowledge to ensure the success of our team and customers.

Take risks

We take bold calculated risks and we learn from our mistakes to continuously improve.

Make customers our heroes

Help our customers succeed in their work and life.

Why join us?

Mindmarker is the leading technology for learning retention—we're changing how employees learn and consume training. We're looking for excited and motivated individuals who want to be part of a growing business and take on responsibilities beyond their comfort zone. 
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