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Effective training is key to employee growth. Providing that can be difficult in a hybrid work environment. Mindmarker empowers you to harness dynamic microlearning and reinforcement programs to deliver training that sticks—no matter where your employees are.

The Mindmarker Difference

We're changing the way employees learn with technology that makes training
more effective, measurable, and enhances the learning experience.
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Mindmarker created a unique technology to reinforce corporate training so it delivers lasting business results. Today, many of the largest companies in the world use Mindmarker to help employees retain and apply learning on the job.

Mindmarker makes training stick.
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We believe learning and development (L&D) teams should be the heroes of their organizations. We work hard to help L&D teams create engaging learner experiences that deliver measurable results and sustained behavior change.

Everything we do is built around delighting our customers and becoming a critical piece of their learning technology stack.

Happy Customers

The largest companies in the world use Mindmarker to increase learning retention.

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learners on
the platform




Fortune 1,000


and 40+ languages

Leadership Team

Charlie Driggs, President, Mindmarker
Charlie Driggs
Charlie is responsible for the strategic growth and direction of Mindmarker. He's passionate about helping teams and companies achieve greatness with a focus on mission, values, and delivering memorable human experiences. Before Mindmarker, Charlie held People Ops and Customer Success/Experience Leadership roles at Buildium and Toast. He has an MBA from Northeastern University and a B.A. from UMass Amherst. His happy place is a tie between being on the ocean and skiing fast. As a former restaurateur, his heart is in the kitchen, cooking for family and friends.
Bogdan Stabryn, Head of Development, Mindmarker
Bogdan Stabryn
Bogdan is the brains behind our learning technology, and is responsible for all development. One of the first employees, he
barely remembers the numerous developer roles he held prior to joining. Bogdan holds a Master's degree from Lviv Polytechnic National University. When not compiling code, he can be found sleeping. Because that's what someone with twin boys does whenever they can.

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