Technology that
proves training works

Learning & Communication Platform that empowers you to create
a seamless learning experience with dynamic microlearning programs
optimized for employee engagement and workplace training that sticks.
Female professional on phone with inset images of Mindmarker reinforcement program examples including interactive question and leaderboard

Spaced learning for
busy employees

Our SaaS platform helps you deliver your microlearning content as a series
of mindmarkers that complement or replace in-person and virtual training.

Design programs

Create effective and compelling programs based on Mindmarker’s proven spaced learning and reinforcement methodology.
Double square icon indicating use of multiple types of microlearning content
Transform Content
Build a program of short learning activities based on your existing training content
Clock icon indicating use of scheduled delivery feature in Mindmarker program to deliver learning in the flow of work
Schedule Delivery
Sequence and schedule delivery based on content type, timeline, and program objectives
Path icon indicating Mindmarker platform adaptive learning capability to personalize learning
Adapt and Adjust
Configure adaptive learning rules that automatically direct learners to an individualized learning path
Example of schedule, design, and level of completion in a microlearning program.

Engage learners

Make learning more productive with short activities that make it easier for employees to consume and apply.
Stacked text bubbles indicating use of multiple types of interactive content to drive training reinforcement
Innovative Content
Video, audio, text, articles, games, and competitions make learning memorable and fun
Checkmark icon to indicate employees ability to complete interactive reflections and assignments
Reflections and Assignments
Bite-sized activities encourage employees to apply learning on the job and deliver feedback
Double click icon indicating employee engagement with quizzes and assignments on the Mindmarker learning platform
Quizzes and Assessments
Quizzes and open response questions measure knowledge and behavior change
Image and infographic examples of components of a training reinforcement program.

Measure success

Evaluate learning effectiveness in order to improve active programs and justify future training spend.
Shield with check mark signifying increased employee engagement and satisfaction leading to measurable learning program results
Employee Engagement
Monitor engagement to identify employees who need extra help advancing through the program
Light bulb icon signifying measurable learning retention attributed to use of Mindmarker microlearning programs
Knowledge Retention
Measure employees' learning retention using our quiz and assessment features
Flag icon indicating successful sustained behavior change as a result of using Mindmarker in workplace training
Behavior Change
Determine whether training programs are achieving the desired behaviors and outcomes
Man on computer and infographic images of results of a successful adaptive learning program

Enterprise ready

Built to accommodate enterprise-level technology standards.
Lock icon signifying Mindmarker's adherence to global data and communication security standards
Meets international data and communication security standards
Lighting bolt icon indicating fast and reliable technology service
Fast and reliable applications that are available 24/7 across the globe
Cloud upload icon indicating seamless data integration due to Mindmarker's open API
Data Integration
Open API for simple integration with enterprise systems
World map and phone image depicting the scalability of Mindmarker's corporate learning and communications platform

Mindmarker Use Cases

Compliance Training
Customer Service Training
Leadership Training
Product Training
Professional Development
Sales Training
Skills Training
Technical Training
... and so much more!

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