3 Ways to Effectively Reinforce Corporate Training

There are a few easy ways to make your new training program more effective and impactful.

1. Create Friction

  • When creating and implementing a reinforcement program, avoid passive learning and create friction in your programs
  • Show, don’t tell. When you show the learner how to complete a task, you're engaging them in creating an active learning environment.
  • Let the learner make connections. You don’t have to write a full script for all of your training material. Instead, let the learner make connections that they understand.
  • Create social friction. Every learner in your organization will take away different things from your training, so encourage conversation throughout the program.

2. Gather Feedback

  • Create effective feedback loops for managers and learners. Give your learners an avenue to voice their opinions and give honest feedback. 
  • Make sure your managers are consistently following up with trainers and know how to best support your learners. This is crucial to closing the environment gap

3. Create Reinforcement Objectives

  • Reinforcement should always be based on objectives and goals. Without goals, you're only reminding learners about information, which will significantly decrease the effectiveness of your training.

At Mindmarker, we help our clients build on their training goals and determine reinforcement objectives to achieve lasting results. Learn more about how to determine your objectives in our 10-Step Guide to Determine Your Reinforcement Objectives

This post was originally published on February 15, 2017.

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