Helpful Tips to Implement Training Reinforcement

Here are a few tips that will help you begin the process of implementing a reinforcement program for your organization.

Make Reinforcement Part of Corporate Culture

When implementing a reinforcement program, make the program a part of your corporate learning culture. Reinforcement should never be an additional program to your training course. Reinforcement is more effective when learners view and accept reinforcement as part of their overall development program.

Get Management On Board

Managers should emphasize the importance of completing training reinforcement microlearning activities as a way to help them continue their growth within the company. When implementing a training reinforcement program, make sure that managers, stakeholders, and trainers understand the concept of what training reinforcement is and how to accomplish it.

A common technique is to have managers and trainers go through a shortened version of the reinforcement program themselves. This allows them to experience the program and implement helpful feedback loops.

Think About Program Timing

When using a reinforcement program, it's important that the content can be pushed globally at one time, whether through email or mobile notifications. Timing is one of the many factors that go into the design of a goal-based reinforcement program. Successful reinforcement programs send notifications based on optimal time for engagement within your employees schedule, giving them the opportunity to engage with training in the flow of work.

At Mindmarker, we create reinforcement timelines for your participants, sending content only when it’s most appropriate.

Localize the Content

With global learning comes multiple languages. Sending reinforcement messages in the learner’s native language can dramatically improve the reinforcement program’s engagement and effectiveness. Integrating native languages and time zones helps remove any barriers between learners around the world.

Mindmarker makes training reinforcement easier than ever with our intuitive, cloud-based solution. We can help you create the best reinforcement timeline based on your reinforcement objectives and business goals. Download our Comprehensive Reinforcement Program Checklist to learn more.

This post was originally published on October 19, 2015.

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