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Mindmarker’s Learning & Communication Platform (LCP)

Mindmarker helps your organization drive lasting behavior change and maximize training results. Our goal is to connect your training to business impact.

Mindmarker uses microlearning and reinforcement principles to deliver learning that’s engaging, easy to consume in the flow of work, and measurable. Mindmarker gives you the tools and methodology to drive sustained behavior change, higher employee satisfaction, and greater application of learning.


Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge Assessments can be used before, during, or after training to assess participants' understanding. Read more »

Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessments use 5-point Likert Scales to evaluate the specific needs of your learners and understand where gaps exist within a learning group. Read more »


Click on links below to download these important instructions and templates:

New Participant Upload Instructions »
Download these instructions on how to upload your list of new participants to the Mindmarker portal.
Download Instructions
New Participant Upload Template »
Download and use this template to upload your participants to the Mindmarker portal.
Download Template
Instructions »
Review our whitelisting document to ensure your Mindmarker emails reach your learners.
Download Instructions





Platform-Specific FAQs

Looking for help with our new admin portal user interface (UI)? Visit our Knowledge Base.

Learning technology for productive employees.

Mindmarker makes corporate learning more engaging, measurable, and effective. Our Learning & Communication Platform delivers learning that’s easy for learners to consume in the flow of work, which leads to higher learner participation, higher satisfaction, and lasting behavior change. Read more about Mindmarker »
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